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HOCK CMA ExamSuccess 2.3

ExamSucess contains questions that were used on past CMA and CIA exams
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ExamSucess contains questions that were used on past CMA and CIA exams, along with questions developed by HOCK. Because they are not current exam questions, they will never be exactly like the current exam questions. In fact, the exam questions are deliberately written to be different from anything you have ever seen before. However, the HOCK Study Materials help you understand the concepts behind the questions, preparing you to answer any question that you may be asked.

ExamSuccess is included with the Study Materials and offers these advantages in your exam preparation:
Hundreds of multiple-choice questions for each exam part to sharpen your skills. Thousands of questions in total.
Topic-by-topic breakdown of the questions allows you to study just one topic at a time.
Questions are carefully selected for relevance and are re-evaluated as the exam syllabus evolves.
Print questions to take with you when you are not near your computer.
Questions and answer choices are automatically randomized to prevent memorization.
Detailed performance analysis shows you topic-by-topic how well you have mastered the material.
Create new study sessions from missed questions with just a couple of clicks.
All sessions are timed so that you can practice and fine-tune your time management.
Study anytime, anywhere without an Internet connection after initial online registration.
Exam Simulations replicate the exam environment so you know what to expect when you take the exam.

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